Protect the planet T-shirt
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Protect the planet T-shirt

3,500 JPY

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Project 1: Let’s help the animals affected by the bushfires in Australia T-shirt: 3,500 yen (Includes tax and shipping) *The t-shirts are made to order, so please allow approximately 4-5 weeks for delivery. *international shipping fee will apply if the shipping address is outside of Japan. Natural disasters, plastic polluting our oceans and global warming. Once you start thinking about it, there is just no end to the problems we face at present. Have you ever found yourself feeling helpless and thinking you can’t do anything to help? This project will donate 10% of the profits from the sale of T-shirt to organisations helping with natural disasters and environmental problems. A new organisation will be chosen every three months. ・The reason for this project: When a disaster strikes, we often start thinking what we could do to help and then suddenly so much has passed, and you miss the chance to help. I’ve experienced this myself. I decided to create this project and get it up and running so that I can help when it’s needed. ・Reason for changing the organisation we’re raising money for: The main reason for this is that I want people living in Japan to become involved in what’s happening in the world. Or on the other hand, if Japan were to have a disaster, I’d hope to use my photography to reach people around the world so they would help. The issue with plastic pollution affects everyone around the world, so we all need to take action. I hope that this project will be a chance for more people to live more sustainable lives on our precious planet. In addition to raising money for the organisations, if it’s possible, I’d like to meet the people who are running the organisation and help by sharing their activities with the world. I am sending donation to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary this time. Many thanks